09 September 2013

Warmill Waste-ation Review

I thought I'd whip up a quick review of a new piece of terrain I'd bought, the Warmill Waste-ation Utility piece. I'll cut to the chase, and state up front it's a lovely little piece of terrain that is perfect for Infinity or any other sci-fi based tabletop game.

So why should you divert your hard earned creds away from more models (James...) or the ubiquitous Micro Arts Studio models? Well it's not terribly hard to justify the expenditure to be honest.

I'm new to Infinity, and I've been sucked into following the mantra of more terrain the better... I NEED MORE TERRAIN! Whilst this piece isn't massive (it certainly is pretty substantial though) it will not only enhance the atmosphere of your board by adding a discernible urban feel to the landscape; but the shape of the piece adds superb possibilities for cover in a multitude of combinations and different ways.

So let's talk about the design first. It's essentially a hi-tech dumpster depot with three bays large enough to accommodate a pretty good sized space age dumpster that can be alternatively detached and placed somewhere else. So right off the bat your getting a decent sized LoF blocking mini-building, with three large lumps of scatter terrain.

I personally plan to have probably one or two of the dumpsters elsewhere on the board in a back alley between two buildings for a bit of extra atmospheric cover. Of course that in itself enhances the Waste-ation... station, as the bays themselves give excellent, deep, nooks for models to duck into, climb over or dodge/Guts Roll into. Not to mention it has a model sized upper surface perfect for the reckless sniper or impetuous Highlander to scamper along.

The whole MDF construction is covered in lovely detail including hazard stripes, panel lines, hatches, handles and cut outs. Featureless and bland looking, this is not. Which brings me to the attention grabbing perspex (or is it?) billboard-sign proclaiming the legend "Waste-ation" and the witty caption below it: "Remember what happened back home? Dispose of your waste". Brilliant. Just witty enough to raise a smile without it being accompanied by a roll of the eyes.

I love the little touches of the Keep Britain Tidy style logo, and the indicators for how full or empty each dumpster is. In addition each dumpster has it's own designated waste type: Recyk, Alien Waste, and Spent Ammo.

The packaging was very nice too. A robust cardboard envelope style flatpack packet just gives it a more satisfying feeling to receive and open than the plastic wrapped MAS terrain. The fact the humour even extends to the packaging ("Utilities: Providing For Profit") just adds that extra few morsels of pleasure to the experience for me.

Construction is very easy, far easier than the competing MAS models. The 'sprues' seem much more cleanly cut making popping our the pieces almost effortless. Anyone who has had to assemble a pile of (the otherwise excellent) MAS apartments will love this thing in comparison, as the stress of potentially snapping a crucial piece whilst pressing it out the sprue is virtually non-existent here.

The parts push together without the wrist-trembling force that the MAS stuff requires, as interference fitted joints are absent with good ol' white glue being required instead. I loved this aspect as the pieces required absolutely no fettling to fit together or any kind of force to assemble.

Overall I think it's a superb kit. It looks fantastic, the design is simple but effective, it represents very good value for money if used with the dumpsters out of the bays, and construction is a breeze. It comes highly recommended, and I'll be sure to make more purchases from Warmill in the very near future. An excellent experience with their customer service simply enhanced what is just a really great piece of kit.

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