About The Authors

Author Name: Mike (surname redacted)
Age: 30+ aka the Glory Years
Location: North East England, UK
Occupation: Classified
Music: Faith No More, Turbonegro, El-P, NoFX, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Oldfield, Daft Punk, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey, Municipal Waste, Parkway Drive, Frank Zappa, Sparks, Zombi, Mr. Bungle.
Movies: Escape From New York, Outland, Where Eagles Dare, LoTR, Last of the Mohicans, Watchmen, Blade Runner, Tron Legacy, The Incredibles.
Other interests: internet addiction, sci-fi, New York, Sunderland football club, soft drinks.

After many years of modifying cars and hanging out in cold, wet carparks at night; I decided to have another go at Warhammer 40k after approximately 15yrs out of the wargaming lark. I started painting and collecting again Christmas 2012 and in eight months managed to paint around 6000pts of various denominations. Looking for a smaller scale side-dish to my 40k main course, myself and James tentatively explored the world of Infinity in August of 2013... and I've been playing nothing but Infinity since then!

I've started with an Ariadnan army, totally vanilla and covering just about all the different strengths of the faction without focusing on anything too strongly - and it's been a blast to play them. Now looking to branch out with a more focused Steel Phalanx sectorial force that I'll be slowly building up over the next couple of months.