27 May 2014

May Releases: I Can See Only One Model

Well I've had a little Infinity break to get some Dropzone Commander painted and played, plus I've taken the plunge into X-Wing too. But I'm back! Do not worry dear readers! So, May's releases?

The Knights are really nice... and I mean really nice. The existing model was always one of my MO fav's as I think they got the pose soooo right. And I'm pleased to see the other three are so dynamic and exciting as after a couple of the most recent boxed sets of models I'd started to worry the old dynamism was starting to fade as newer releases appeared.

The Raiden is another excellent pose. Not dynamic but the unexpected way they have him holding the rocket launcher makes me very happy.

The O-12 Commissioner is great civvie model... and one I'd invest in if I didn't have a couple already (YAMS anyone?).

The new Nomad Interventors are superb. Really superb. The male model in particular looks extremely nice with a level of detail that must bode very well for future Nomad expansions and the inevitable Tunguska expansion. The Panda's are also brilliant. The issues with the Flying Cat released a couple of months ago, are gone here (I personally liked that model...) and again the poses are just perfect. Very intimidating for a pair of what look like toy animals.

But I'm just delaying. The big 'WOW' model for me is the Spetznaz. Not a knockout pose... but man is it perfect for the model. The guy oozes badass-ery. How hench is that dude?! The sculpt is just lovely. Fits the existing Ariadna range perfectly but at the same time bodes very well for the direction the faction will follow with the forthcoming new releases and the (now) distant Kazak faction. This will be an essential purchase for me and the sole reason I'm digging my Ariadnans out and packing my Tohaa away for a while. Corvus Belli, I love you.

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  1. Let the virus spread! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award : http://certs-tabletop.blogspot.com/2014/06/leibsterd.html

    Keep up all the Infinity content'ing :)