05 June 2014

I'm A Warcor

After initially signing up for the Warcors sometime last year, and then reapplying recently when Corvus Belli asked for applicants... I've been accepted as a Warcor.

The system for being a Warcor revolves around either providing intro games to expand the player base, or promoting and running local ITS events. With 30% off the cost of the virtual ITS packs it's a pretty attractive way to get more frequent ITS events running locally I'd imagine. Certainly within our small local playerbase the prospect of  regular mini-ITS events over the course of a Sunday afternoon looks very likely now.

The more difficult aspect of this is going to be enticing new gamers into the system. 40K has what feels like an insurmountable grip on the local gaming scene, with a fairly common attitude of seeing anything non-GW as an inferior product. No comment...

I think my first port of call will be a local gaming store with a small basement gaming room that could provide a venue for some so-called Bootcamp gaming in the very near future...


  1. Congrats on getting accepted in the WarCor program! I best of luck in converting your community. ^.^

    And, to be fair, there are those in the Infinity crowd who also tend to do the same thing towards anything non-Infinity. My theory is that they used to be the same about 40k or whatever other game system before making the switch. I think it all has just to do with the person - whatever they're playing has to be the best in their mind without a doubt; otherwise, why are they bothering to play it.

    1. Maybe it's just the Infinity players I play with then... we all play a range of systems including X-Wing, DZC, Flames of War, Bolt Action etc and none of us play 40K weirdly. Whereas the 40k players almost all play nothing but 40k or FB. Must be just us Northern English types ;)