05 June 2014

Spetsnaz Profile And Special Rules - Why I Will Be Playing Ariadna Again

One of the things I love about Corvus Belli, is that they don't abandon a faction once they've released a bunch of models for them. You tend to get something new and fresh for them every couple of months that just rekindles your original love that got you interested in them in the first place. Enter the Spetsnaz.

I've already covered my thoughts on the model: to summarise it's utterly badass and an essential purchase. I play vanilla Ariadna and so this is pretty much an auto-include for me not just because of the awesome sculpt but also because of the lovely profile CB have recently released to accompany it.

Stats-wise we're talking about a good LI unit - similar to the MI Tankhunter but with a huge CC stat of 20, 4-4 LI movement, and one less point of armour. However it's not these stat's that have Ariadna players so excited. It's the two new abilities and possible weapon combo's that have placed this unit as such a must-have purchase.

First up is CH: Ambushed Camouflage skill. Essentially it provides an additional camo token to be used as a decoy. Placed within the models ZOC it offers the chance for more shell game shennanigans - the stock in trade wind-up tactic all Ariadna players should employ in their games. Take the maximum of two Spetsnaz and your opponent will need to contend with four camo tokens on the table in addition to the rest of your force. No infiltration means the delicious prospect of mixing this guy up with the markers from a minelayer Chasseur is off the cards... but just imagine!

The second new ability is the Marksmanship L2 skill. At L1 you gain the Shock ammo effect on all BS shooting attacks the model makes. So depending on the profile you choose that's a Shock ammo HMG, Sniper Rifle, Boarding Shotgun, grenades, Pistol or Rifle. At L2 you also gain the ability to negate the partial cover BS penalty, so this guy could be plugging enemy models in cover at a possible BS 15 from the other side of the table. That -6 to BS your ODD opponent so loves that he hikes up to an awful -9 in cover, suddenly looks a whole less intimidating with this guy pointing any of his weapons at him. Pick the HMG and all of sudden he's taking Burst 4, BS 9 shots to the face from the other side of the table. Anything that is non-camo in cover is now taking BS 15 shots too.

Points-wise the Sniper model seems very fairly priced at 34 points and 1 SWC - considering the package you're getting here I think that's excellent value. However the really smart player will be taking that HMG version for only 38 points and 1 SWC. Personally in terms of potential killing power, I think the HMG version is looking on a par with the other Ariadna Kazak superstar unit - the Tankhunter. Certainly for me the HMG Tankhunter just found himself on the scrapheap as far as my own lists go considering the Spetsnaz HMG version is 2 points and 0.5 SWC cheaper. I can see myself fielding two HMG Spetsnaz and the Autocannon Tankhunter every game.


  1. Does the cost of that HMG Spetsnaz not seem to be a tiny bit overpowered for the cost as it stands right now? What are your thoughts on the matter? Sure, I've faced worse on the table, and these guys can be dealt with fine, but do the points costs not feel a little 'off' right now?

    Could this be a foreshadowing of the HMG profile getting a bit of a change in comparison with the Sniper Rifle in 3rd Edition?

    1. I don't think so, it's good value rather than overpowered... whereas some profiles look overpriced if that makes sense? I'd say considering the cost of other HMG units it's about right although there's always stuff that seems worse value. Time will tell how good these news skills are though. Certainly in my local area, multi-wound models and doctors are thin on the ground so the Shock ammo aspect at least will be fairly situational I think.

  2. So I have the Spetsnaz Sniper....I can use that figure and call him a Spetsnaz HMG? Is that correct? I am new to Infinity.

  3. Yes you can. I fact hmg model doesn't exist yet.