07 June 2014

Infinity Starter Set Incoming

After a teasing announcement this week, Corvus Belli are making further steps towards breaking Infinity into the big boys league of tabletop gaming, with what appears to be a two player starter set in the vein of Warmachine, Flames of War and Warhammer. In otherwords enough stuff to get two people playing the game, but leaving them wanting/needing more.

From this fairly vague photo it looks like some kind of playing surface (small though?); two factions comprising what looks like a three person link plus four other models; a civie of some kind; dice and templates; and of course a rulebook.

As a fan of the game this all looks very positive and an exciting step forward for the brand as it will undoubtedly reel in a lot of new players curious about the game but put off by the array of different items needed to get started.

One crucial component that this boxset doesn't seem to feature is terrain. Now considering how important.... nay vital, terrain is to the gaming experience I'd assume that it's going to feature somehow. The setting of Svalarheima could suggest a non-building themed battlefield, although how they pull that off remains to be seen.


  1. I want to say that there's terrain on that playing surface, but maybe not.
    There's some extra blacked out area that juts above the playing surface where the blue link team and a couple red models are which make me want to believe there's something iKube-like.

    Speculation, now that I think about it. I wonder if that playing surface might be a contribution from Micro Art Studio since they just released one for their District terrain series. That would be pretty damn cool, though I most,if any, of the larger terrain included in the set is just pre-printed fold-up structures rather than MDF or anything requiring too much work to make look pretty.

  2. I was thinking along the lines of Craig Roberts as well. I think the terrain will be printed on the playing surface sort of like old Battletech maps and the like. Everything would be one level which is fine to teach the rules, but no terrain to assemble so people can get playing even quicker!